Foundry Casting Processes

The Foundry casting processes we have used include, the Lost-wax Bronze Casting Process, Sand Casting, Both Green Sand and CO2 Sand, Vacuum Casting and Centrafugal Spin Casting.

Foundry casting processes
Foundry casting process. Pouring melted bronze

To cast any of our sculptures, we first hand make the original model. The Clay model is an exact representation of how the finished Bronze will appear. We use a specialized Oil Based modelling clay to create our master model.

Making a mold from the original model is the next stage in all of the casting processes. The mold is then used to reproduce the model in either wax or Fibreglass, for the chosen casting process.

The metals we cast or pour are Silicone Bronze, Aluminium, Zinc and Pewter. These Various metals are melted and poured at differing temperatures, the highest temperatures reaching up to 1150 degrees Celsius.

Bronze Casting or any Metal Casting processes are governed by 1st and foremost, what your finished item will be. What metal you are using, what casting process you are using.

Each casting System or Process is governed by Different Materials that work and function best in a controlled way, with specific Mixing rates and Temperatures, even a cool breeze or cold room or two hot two cold sometimes with multiple things at once, can make or break a casting, a shell, metal flow, good Bronze Bad Bronze, No Bronze. In the case of a failed Bronze, you most often get to discard those materials, which is a loss of both time and money and Start again.

One of the biggest cause of casting failures is a rapid drop in metal Temperature and or Shell Temp or both, by those who try casting out doors. Keeping your Temperatures up as close to your target Temperature is vital, pouring metal in a breezy windy environment should be avoided as much as possible.

So our Goal is to avoid any failures and to be very diligent about our casting methods. Good Systemization is the key.

Our Work shop / Gallery, where you can view our work is, currently located  at, 

The Sculpted Metals Building – 1691 State Highway 27, Patetonga, New Zealand.

Furthermore, we facilitate both national and international sales via our online shop.

Sculpted Metals take great pride in making quality Kiwi made art. Skillfully designed, sculpted and beautifully finished  in our own workshop!

Currently our casting is done at a different location, due to health and safety reasons.

Go Kiwi Made!!!

By Nathan Whitehead, Sculptor

The above video demonstrates a typical pour in our foundry. 


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