Lost-Wax Bronze Casting Process

The lost-wax bronze casting process is used to create our beautiful bronze sculpted art.

Creating these works of art is definitely a labour intensive process, but the results speak for them selves. 

The list below is a brief outline of the steps involved, to achieve a highly detailed quality finished product, such as this NZ Kakapo.

Lost-wax bronze casting process

    1. Make a sculpture
    2. Make a rubber mould
    3. Cast wax
    4. Tidy wax
    5. Add core pins and core
    6. Sprue and vent wax
    7. Build ceramic shell around wax
    8. Dry shell
    9. Burn out wax
    10. Dry core
    11. Preheat ceramic shell
    12. Melt and pour bronze
    13. Remove shell
    14. Sand blastLost-wax bronze casting process
    15. Cut sprues and vents 
    16. Remove core and pins
    17. Weld holes
    18. Fettle bronze (Finish)
    19. Colour and seal
    20. One finished bronze




Once our bronze item is completed, we then repeat the process all over again. Take a look at our gallery of bronze art made using the same or similar techniques.

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