Sculpted Metals Art 

By New Zealand Sculptor – Nathan Whitehead,


Hi, my name is Nathan Whitehead.

This website is a display of some of my Art work. It is impossible for me to display on this site all of my art, as I’ve been dabbling with art works of various kinds since I can remember.  

As there are Thousands of Artists doing their version of a Tuatara etc. This Website displays my Sculptural or Artistic interpretation or representation of New Zealand Wildlife and or whatever Sculptural item I choose to make at any particular time. 

I Love New Zealand and am particularly passionate about our Wildlife and Native Birds, land or Sea. I am of European and Maori descent, of which I am very proud. I have had an obsession with Painting Oils, Water Colors, and Pastels, but dominantly started Carving, Wood, Bone and Stone as a young man, which has evolved to Sculptural work. Everything I do is by hand, although casting requires specialized equipment which I have built under the guidance of a Foundry Tradesman who is a friend, Wikus Du’Pree.

At the end of the day,  I’m a Sculptor, and I just want to make beautiful long lasting Art, and Bronze is my preferred medium, due to its longevity, its quality, its strength and it just looks amazing when cast properly into a Sculptural Form.

My interested is not only making a nice Sculpture, but I get great satisfaction out of  learning and mastering the Science, the Techniques and processes necessary to take a clay sculpture from its first Conception and Planning to the final stage or end goal of its creation.

 I am and can be my own worst critic, and whether it’s a miniature or monument I am always striving to improve the quality of my Sculptures and Castings and Finished Products.

When mistakes are made, I will stop and analyze to the best of my ability what went wrong. From that situation I can make adjustments to improve on my process and product.

 It can take some months to complete just the sculpture stage, then weeks with Mold making, wax work, ceramic shell building and ultimately casting.

As an artist it is very satisfying making Sculptures with a high-quality metal that will last for decades, even centuries, and then to sell them and have them go into nice homes or businesses, knowing that the materials will stand the test of time, and that the sculpture itself is very nice and well made.

Many of my Sculptures are all over the world and are the perfect corporate gift and or Family Heirloom. Many people buy my bronzes to hand something special on to either their children, their Family or work colleagues. 

In the mid 1980s I started carving bone purely because I enjoyed it, each time I made an item, people always wanted to buy what I made, so I guess it was way back then that I started selling  my art, but as I said, I did not start with selling in mind. Almost 40 years later I still Love to Sculpt and create quality art, but its not all about money, its about quality in my craftmanship and improving with each Sculpture and casting.

Aside from making Sculptures of my choosing, I have also worked to order for a long time due to demand. Although it is my preference to just Sculpt and sell what I want to make, I do still work to order with carefully selected items. For example if one of my Stainless Steel Sculptures is out of stock, I can make it to order, or something similar.  I do not work or cast for other artist, although I do have friends that cast for other people & I don’t mind helping Artists or customers find the answers and support they need.

I’m working on a few different Collectable Series, Í guess you will have to follow this website to view them as they are done. I also have a Sculpted Metals face book page.

I Am still doing Stainless to Order, I wanted to stop Stainless, and I did state that here, but I have so many of my Customers collecting it that I will be continuing to take orders over the phone or through this website.

I am hoping to keep improving as a New Zealand Artist.

The best is yet to come

Thank you for Supporting me as an Artist and for checking out my Art.

 The Sculpted Metals Art Gallery

I have a Gallery / Workshop which is open by appointment, if you are passing by and I’m open that is great, you are welcome to come in, but sometimes I like to keep my doors closed and quietly work by myself. To set up an appointment you can ring or Text is actually best on 0278688800 My new gallery is located in the Sculpted Metals Building at 1691 State Highway 27, Patetonga, Hauraki Plains. Which is approximately 58 kilometers from Bombay, Auckland on the road to Matamata.  Or jump on line and view our online shop.  We can arrange delivery of products through Courier companies for an additional cost.

Thank you from the Artist.

Sculpted-Metals-Art-Gallery Owner Nathan Whitehead
Sculpted Metals Art Gallery Owner Nathan Whitehead

Thank you for your valued custom. By purchasing my art, you are making it possible for me to continue my career as a New Zealand artist. For which I am truly grateful.

It’s about Quality, not Quantity!

Kindest Regards,

Nathan Whitehead, Sculptor.

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