NZ Red Stag Roaring

$ 75.00

-Kiwiana Souvenir
-Hand sculpted
-Spin-cast Zinc
-Wall hanging

The Roar, Collectable Souvenirs


Our New Zealand Red Stag Roaring Souvenir,

is one piece from a new series of New Zealand Themed, Souvenirs.

Which is designed as a small wall hanging.

Is a Centrifugal Spin Cast, Zinc, Sculpture.

Which original Sculpture was made by Nathan Whitehead, in a modelling Clay called Chavont.

Although this Souvenir is small and simple it is designed as a small Gift idea or Memorabilia of a trip or of the passion of Deer Stalking.

As an avid Conservationist and Hunter, in this Sculpture, Nathan has tried to capture one of the most anticipated annual events which occurs in the rugged NZ Bush starting around the end of March, through to May or June depending on the species of Deer.

Hunters Nation Wide Call it.

The Roar 



Hand made by Nathan Whitehead, Sculpted Metals.

Approximately 100 mm wide by 83 mm long

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